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Gartner has just announced the publication of a report which defines Thought Leadership Marketing as “The giving—for free or at a nominal charge—of information or advice that a client will value so as to create awareness of the outcome that a company’s product or service can deliver, in order to...
There is a lot of advice on how to write white papers, but it rarely addresses the creation of the core idea, which is generally presumed to exist. But advice like “Break up the gray space with diagrams” isn’t going to help much if the recommendations are unconvincing, or have already been made...
Herman Miller, the office furniture manufacturer, publishes lots of thought leadership on its site about ergonomics and workplace productivity. So do its competitors. But they seem to have missed the point.
I just received a newsletter from ZDNet which has links to 2 white papers; one about Business Intelligence in Financial Services and the other about Business Technical Support. Between them they illustrate well what differentiates good white papers—the minority—from the rest.
Here at Bloom Group, we have a particular view that a white paper, if it’s to get traction in the marketplace, should conform to the usual standards of quality business writing; that is, it should address a complex problem or opportunity relevant to its target audience, it should be informative and...
We have been looking at the use of ‘thought leadership” marketing outside of professional services We’re increasingly seeing those companies use quality content, instead of or as well as traditional advertising, to attract customers.
Chris Koch of ITSMA makes the point in a post here that if we are selling complex offerings to highly educated people who expect a degreee of intellectual rigor in their reading materials, that's not a formula for brevity. 
A new study by MetLife on the evolving American Dream is treading where few have gone before - taking Thought Leadership Marketing into B2C.