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Google’s announcement yesterday that Eric Schmidt would relinquish his CEO title set off a flurry of derisive Twitter chatter about one term he used for his new role: “technology thought leadership.” Here’s what he said (but don’t expect elaboration on what he meant by the phrase).
The publication last month of the book Content Rules has again highlighted the growing importance of content marketing. But how far can content yet go in displacing traditional advertising?
At the Bloom Group we are serious about helping people produce quality content, and we have a rigorous set of criteria by which we evaluate both ours and others'. But there is another critical component to creating great content that we rarely ever talk about, and that’s fervor, or passion.
  From 23 years of helping companies become recognized as experts in their domains, I have found their ability to do so has varied greatly.  And it wasn’t because of their gray matter -- the expertise they could bring to bear on their clients’ problems.  Most of these firms had people who were...
Most B2B blogs aren’t read by decision makers and don’t drive business. This was brought home to me last week when a friend at a law firm told me they don’t do social media marketing because the blogosphere is an ocean of bad content and “even the name blog suggests a fat, unwieldy, ugly thing that...
OK, there are 12, but bear with me. I have grown weary of blog post titles with numbers in. I had hoped this was a fad that would pass. However, since it hasn’t, I decided find out what is going on.
Producing more and better content is now the single biggest issue for professional services firms and many other B2B companies too. There are several things companies can do to relieve the pressure for more and better content and different things will suit different firms. But more focus would...
  Several consulting firms recently have asked for our opinion of their management journals.  All of them are well-written, graphically appealing, and chock full of articles. But beyond that, they all fall quite short today because the very model on which they are based is obsolete.  They are akin...
More and more companies outside of management consulting and IT are undertaking thought leadership marketing. And progressively more of them are building topic microsites. Perhaps Neil Rackham has put his finger on why.
Lots, if it’s much like most of them. Many of them leave me wondering how they help the firms that produce them. Let me take one of the best as an example.
Companies with savvy marketers spend lots of time determining how to market a piece of compelling “thought leadership” content, especially one based on deep primary research. What blog posts can we create, and what bloggers should we contact? What about a webinar series? What opinion articles can...
Nice to see we’re not the only ones who complain about indecipherable business communications. Check out this Oct. 29 column by New York Times media critic David Carr about a CEO’s internal memo at magazine magnate Conde Nast (Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, etc.).  Looks as though employees...
I talked last week with a friend at a consulting firm about the challenges of extracting thought leadership material from a firm’s professionals, and how the process often degenerates into a long series of rewrites. This is actually very common, and I thought it might be helpful to explain how and...
There are so many survey reports being published at this time on content and thought leadership marketing that I feel slightly less bad we haven't done one for a few months. Between them they show all kinds of insights and raise all kinds of questions. 
Eccolo media has just published their excellent third consecutive annual report on B2B technology collateral – the results of a survey into how B2B tech buyers consume vendors’ content as they go through technology purchasing decisions. The Eccolo folks have drawn a number of conclusions that...
 I sometimes wish that Thought Leadership were called something else. First the phrase smacks of business jargon, and second, I don’t like having to explain it to half the people who ask us what we do. Third, it’s 's easy to poke fun at. But it is useful, and it is valid.
Thought leadership programs serve one master in most B2B firms: Marketing.  Marketing generates content (commissioning studies, writing white papers, and so on).  Marketing packages and distributes that content (producing academic-looking publications, seminars and webinars, educational PR...
We continually look for signs that thought leadership marketing is gaining adherents outside of professional services.  The most recent nugget we’ve seen is one from Borrell Associates, a decade-old company you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re in the newspaper business. (They are a research...
Developing fewer but more substantive points of view (sometimes even just one) is much more likely to make the phone ring than letting a hundred points of light shine in your firm. That’s for sure. But when you place your bets on fewer but deeper points of view, you will soon need someone who’s...
In an article we published in June we explained why we think that topic microsites will supersede white papers for B2B marketing (see here). Here, I’ll go into a little more detail and explain why articles alone aren’t enough and why they need to congregate around an overarching point of view.