The No. 1 Thought Leadership Lesson for Small Firms: Stay Focused

We have worked with many of the world’s largest professional services and other B2B firms over the years. Yet we have also helped much smaller firms gain eminence for their expertise -- even down to one-person consulting firms.

For the small professional services firms (less than $25 million in revenue), one factor more than any other will determine how fast thought leadership marketing will make them grow, and that factor is not about their marketing. Rather, it's about their core services. The issue is this: Just how focused are they?

Small professional firms that are relentlessly rooted on solving one business problem -- or a small number of highly related problems -- for a common target audience are much more likely to grow rapidly than those trying to solve many problems for many types of companies. Especially if those clients' problems are not related to one another.

Richard Aldersea, a strategy adviser to small professional firms, and our firm have worked together on a half-dozen joint projects over last three years. In a new white paper (“Narrow, Deep, and Scalable”), we explain why small professional firms need to be tightly focused, and how it helps them become thought leaders much faster than if they try to become recognized in many areas.

You can read the paper here


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