About The Bloom Group

Since 1998, the Bloom Group has helped consulting firms, Big 4 accounting firms, IT services companies and many others establish themselves as thought leaders; you can see a representative sample of clients here. We have helped them publish Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review articles, create bestselling books, secure columns in the Financial TimesForbes.com and numerous trade publications, and publish their own research studies and articles. We have also helped many of them build and strengthen their own thought leadership programs and capabilities.

We speak publicly at conferences and write frequently on the topic—what it is, why it generates leads and strengthens reputation, and how to do it. You can find many articles in the resources section of this website from the menu above.

Once practiced by a small number of management consultancies, thought leadership today is practiced by an ever-growing number of firms, both within and beyond professional services.  A recent survey of senior executives by sourceforconsulting.com found that three quarters of them believe that thought leadership is the most effective way for a consulting firm to market its services.

Gaining recognition as a thought leader—even on just one issue—has fueled the ascent of many companies. The Bloom Group can help any firm that wants to generate leads, enhance its reputation, and establish its credibility in the marketplace.