Bob Buday

Phone: (508) 497 3411


Twitter: @bbuday

Over the last 30 years, Bob Buday has helped experts and their firms in a wide variety of sectors become recognized as thought leaders. He advises clients on how to create thought leadership strategies, develop compelling content, and attract a large audience to that content. Bob has helped Bloom Group clients (including Deloitte, Microsoft, and the global pricing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners) publish scores of articles in such leading business publications as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and the Financial Times. Bob has been a featured presenter at thought leadership seminars for more than a decade, and lead researcher on six thought leadership marketing studies over the last ten years.

Bob has helped clients in a range of industries, covering topics such as business strategy and business model reinvention, digital strategy, operational design, corporate culture, leadership development, IT architecture, software development, and customer experience transformation.

Bob co-founded Bloom Group in 1998 after ten years as a leader of thought leadership marketing at management consulting firm CSC Index, helping pioneer the concept and practice of business reengineering. Before launching his career in thought leadership marketing in 1987, he was a business journalist for eight years at the Orange County Register (Calif.), InformationWeek, and Miramar Publications.

Bob has a BA degree in Communication Studies from Penn State University.