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Thought leadership marketing has long been important to companies for which expertise is a significant part of their offering. While it began in the professional services sector, in the 1990's the practice spread to the IT industry and since then has increasingly been adopted in other B2B sectors. 

But to be effective, this material must be good. To get clients to respond to their marketing campaigns, firms must demonstrate deep and novel insights on business issues. Such insights capture client attention by making high-stakes, confusing issues coherent, and lowering the risk of them choosing the wrong firm.

From this page, you can access many articles, interviews, and research reports we’ve written on how to produce great thought leadership content. If you’d like us to help you create yours, you can get the ball rolling here. 

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Recent Blog Posts on Thought Leadership Content Development

For more than 20 years, I’ve seen consultants and other advice-sellers use an array of techniques to try to come up with a big new idea to take to market. Some of these spawned enough business leads to more than warrant the investment in time and money. I’ll list these, from least to most successful.
Over the next decade, I see professional firms continuing to get serious about building strong capabilities in thought leadership marketing – hiring talented ghostwriters, event marketers, social media whizzes and others who can package and market their professionals’ ideas. But this won’t be enough – not nearly enough – for them to generate big returns on their investments.
We all know what happened in the 1980s when the Japanese began exporting cars to the U.S. with fewer defects than those made in Detroit. Toyota, Honda and Nissan began stealing market share from Ford, GM and Chrysler. For 30 years now, the U.S.-based automakers have been forced to boost quality. The same story has played out in industry after industry.
Developing a compelling, research-based point of view on any topic can take many months. Marketing that POV can take many more months. So what do you do when the phone isn't ringing or email box pinging with inquiries?
While the practice of marketing is fundamentally changing because of the Internet, some practices will never change y. One of them is the need for a compelling reason, clearly communicated. If you don’t have a point of view that is new and substantiated with examples, you can tweet about it all you want but buyers will ignore you.


Articles on Thought Leadership Content Development

An interview with Steve Cokkinias, VP Sales and Marketing, FMG Leading, about the company's journey.
A white paper can be an excellent source of thought leadership content. But developing one can quickly fall off the rails.
How four motivations drive superior content.
Surveys have an important role to play in thought leadership marketing. Done well, they create interest, credibility and leads and journalists will often report on them as they’re easy to turn into stories. Not done well they get no traction in the marketplace. Here are 10 rules to make sure yours are successful.