Thought Leadership Marketing

Once you have a compelling idea, you need to get it to the executives who are potential buyers of your products or services. This used to be done by publishing hard copy white papers and journals, and more recently by publishing them on line. But the world of thought leadership marketing is changing very rapidly today. First the volume of published material is growing fast, so that it is increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Second, new tools and channels such as e-readers and social networks are continually throwing up new challenges and opportunities.

Channel Effectiveness

Content Marketing Tactic Effectiveness Ratings: High & Low

Source: B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends | MarketingProfs/Junta42 

From this page you can access articles, interviews,research reports, presentations and white papers on how to most effectively market content. You can also find out about the services we can provide to help.

Articles about Marketing Thought Leadership

Seminars, publications, market research, and customer care centers are important tools in every B2B firm’s toolbox for understanding, attracting, serving and keeping customers loyal.  But they're not enough today. (First of a series.)
Professional firms often get thought leadership marketing or sales right, but not both. When they do, they are far better able to grow profitably in good times or bad.   
This report presents our the findings of research our organizations conducted this spring on how consulting firms are using social media to market their expertise, and how buyers of their services use social media to find consulting expertise. This is our second annual study on this topic. 
A lot has happened in the world of thought leadership marketing this year. In particular, the increasing use of search and social media by the executive suite continues to raise the bar for the quality and quantity of material a B2B firm must produce. This article summarizes the top ten things we think a firm should do to meet the challenges.
In this article, we show how to develop and market a point of view concurrently rather than sequentially, building an audience from Day 1 and long after the article is published. The secret: creating a topic microsite on Day 1 that becomes the go-to place to learn about your point of view.  


Recent Blog Posts on Marketing Thought Leadership

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