Thought Leadership Marketing

The most difficult part of thought leadership marketing is to produce content that is truly thought-leading – see here. But once you’ve done that, you still must place it in front of current and prospective clients.

You have many options: email newsletters, your own website, third party journals, and conferences, to name a few. There is also a multitude of possible media and formats you can choose, including blog post, white paper, video, and infographic. Which of these to choose, and how best to address them depend highly on the content, the audience and what you are good at, again to name just a few.

Contact Us From this page, you can access many articles, interviews, and research reports we’ve written on how to market thought leadership content. If you’d like us to help you market yours, you can get the ball rolling here.  


Recent Blog Posts on Marketing Thought Leadership

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Articles about Marketing Thought Leadership

Seminars, publications, market research, and customer care centers are important tools in every B2B firm’s toolbox for understanding, attracting, serving and keeping customers loyal.  But they're not enough today. (First of a series.)
Professional firms often get thought leadership marketing or sales right, but not both. When they do, they are far better able to grow profitably in good times or bad.   
In this article, we show how to develop and market a point of view concurrently rather than sequentially, building an audience from Day 1 and long after the article is published. The secret: creating a topic microsite on Day 1 that becomes the go-to place to learn about your point of view.  
Should consulting firms make social media a key piece of the thought leadership marketing mix? And, if so, what do firms need to do so that social media marketing can be effective? To shed light on these questions, we conducted a survey on social media and other thought leadership marketing practices of North American consulting firms.
White papers are essential to thought leadership marketing programs. In this article, we explain how to generate substantially more leads than typical white paper campaigns deliver. In particular, we show the advantages of shifting from directly distributing white papers through "biased" channels, to indirect and "unbiased" channels.