Finding A Broader Audience for a Firm’s Singular Expertise

Posted: 10/15/16

The Situation: A Consulting Firm Finds Blogs Only Go So Far

FMG Leading, a human capital strategy consulting firm, based in San Diego, was self-publishing blogs on its website to promote its unique area of expertise: assessing the leadership qualities of company executives that private equity firms acquire, and helping them both make the right choices and develop the leaders they chose. But even though picking the right executives to lead their portfolio companies is a critical job for every PE firm, FMG Leading’s blogs weren’t capturing as many customer inquiries and new sales leads as the firm sought. The ROI just wasn’t there. The firm concluded that it needed a comprehensive thought leadership strategy to reach more people, strengthen its brand, and drive new leads. 

To that end, FMG Leading engaged Bloom Group in 2016 to help it design a better, more effective communications strategy.

Bloom Group’s Role: Crafting A More Ambitious Content Strategy 

Bloom Group met with FMG Leading executives to clarify its business goals and examine what types of content suited the firm best.

In consultation with Bloom Group, FMG Leading’s principals decided to start with a white paper focused on one key area of the company’s expertise: helping PE firms evaluate CEOs, and CEO candidates, for their portfolio companies. While FMG Leading had substantial experience assessing the whole leadership team, with Bloom Group’s counsel it decided to focus on the CEO, allowing the firm to dive deeper into its subject and thereby bring a more novel, compelling approach to market. 

Bloom Group helped FMG Leading develop a white paper that included the extensive research that the firm has conducted since 2009 on the leadership qualities of the best-performing CEOs at PE portfolio firms, as well as learnings gleaned from the company’s many client engagements.

In July 2016, FMG Leading published the white paper (registration required) on its website. Tied to the white paper material, Bloom Group helped FMG Leading's CEO, Dr. Matt Brubaker, and MaryCay Durrant, VP of Professional Services, develop an article, "The Mistakes PE Firms Make When They Pick CEOs for Portfolio Companies," which was published in Harvard Business Review online in September 2016. 

Bloom Group developed and placed a second, related article in The Journal of Private Equity, due to be published in the spring 2017 issue.

Outcome: Wider Reach, New Leads

The white paper and HBR article have generated the kinds of leads and sales discussions the firm wanted. In a little more than two months, they brought FMG Leading five highly qualified sales conversations, and three in-person meetings with PE firms. The HBR article also brought prestige to the firm, and exposed it to’s three million followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

The firm placed a link to the HBR article at the top of its website’s home page. For new visitors, this creates a powerful first impression, precisely what FMG Leading was seeking.