Innovation Lessons from Porsche and Fiat Chrysler

Posted: 05/09/16

This was the first of two Harvard Business Review articles that Bloom Group helped Simon-Kucher & Partners' Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke prepare and secure to help publicize their book Monetizing Innovation. 

In this article (titled “In Product Development, Let Your Customers Define Perfection”), the authors compare new-car launches from Porsche (the Cayenne SUV in the early 2000s) and Fiat Chrysler’s Dodge Dart about 10 years later. The Cayenne became a huge hit that propelled Porsche, and the Dart became a poor sales performer that soon will be discontinued. The article ran in the May 9, 2016 online edition of HBR. You can read it here

In 2015, Bloom Group helped the Simon-Kucher consultants convert their ideas into a manuscript, as well as secure an agent for the book (Leah Spiro of Riverside Creative Management), who sold it to a top-tier publisher (John Wiley & Sons).

Simon-Kucher is a $200 million+ management consulting firm that is widely considered to be the world's leading consulting firm in pricing strategy.