Thought Leadership Strategy

Many firms have content development and marketing groups which often include in-house as well as outside research and writing resources. Maximizing the return on these investments requires several things: a portfolio of topics that are relevant to the target market; judicious choice of which topics the company “owns” versus those on which it simply has an adequate point of view (“breakthrough” versus “informative”); and processes for the development and dissemination of intellectual capital that exploit the strengths and culture of the firm.

Approaches to Thought Leadership Development (Source: Bloom Group Research, 127 consulting firms)

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Articles about Thought Leadership Strategy

Seminars, publications, market research, and customer care centers are important tools in every B2B firm’s toolbox for understanding, attracting, serving and keeping customers loyal.  But they're not enough today. (First of a series.)
Professional firms often get thought leadership marketing or sales right, but not both. When they do, they are far better able to grow profitably in good times or bad.   
B2B companies vary tremendously in the ability to gain recognition for their expertise. Many firms with deeper and more differentiated expertise are not nearly as well known as certain competitors. In this article, we present a framework for assessing a firm’s capabilities for becoming thought leaders – an evolutionary timeline with five phases.
A lot has happened in the world of thought leadership marketing this year. In particular, the increasing use of search and social media by the executive suite continues to raise the bar for the quality and quantity of material a B2B firm must produce. This article summarizes the top ten things we think a firm should do to meet the challenges.
White papers are essential to thought leadership marketing programs. In this article, we explain how to generate substantially more leads than typical white paper campaigns deliver. In particular, we show the advantages of shifting from directly distributing white papers through "biased" channels, to indirect and "unbiased" channels. 


Recent Blog Posts on Thought Leadership Strategy

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