Thought Leadership Strategy

For a thought leadership marketing campaign to be effective, there are several things a company must be clear about, including which topics they should own in the market place, how they will develop content, how they will market and promote it, and the quality standards they will aspire to. 

Taking quality standards, some considerations are whether you require author’s assertions to be supported by examples, whether those examples must be original or may be taken from the public domain, and whether one is enough to prove a point. What you decide may depend among other things on where you want to publish. If you plan to publish in leading third-party journals, your standards will need to be high.

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 Several newspaper and magazine columnists have been chiding President Obama for lacking a “narrative.”  New York Times op-ed pundit Frank Rich vented this on Sunday in his column, which you can read here. (It's insightful reading no matter what your political persuasion.)  
Is your firm sufficiently focused? Many firms, large and small alike, are spread far too thinly. Investments in service delivery and marketing/ sales are made across too many service offerings and industries to build superior expertise and effective marketing programs in any one of them. But if focus and superior expertise are where growth begins, how does a firm regain focus? 


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