Thought Leadership Content Development

Our clients are typically busy professionals who have expertise to share with the market, but don’t have time to fully develop or articulate their ideas. We help them capture and develop their points of view, and articulate them in various ways including white papers, articles in management journals and trade magazines, research reports and books.

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How we Can Help:

How we can help best help you typically depends on how well developed your content already is and the standard required for the channel in which it will be published – Harvard Business Review, for instance, generally has higher standards of proof than specialized trade journals. We can cover any size of project, from editing a blog post for publication to conducting major research projects for breakthrough points of view.

Writing – Executives who might buy your products and services want to know that you have expertise that they can rely on. For your ideas to capture and engage their attention, they have to be expressed in clear and simple business language – without being dumbed down. Our world class business writing skills make sure that's the case. 

Research – In order to be credible it is absolutely essential that your point of view is underpinned by data, including examples of organizations that benefited from doing things the way you recommend. Where you don't yet have the data to confirm your assertions, or you are not yet quite sure what the recommendations should be, we can conduct the research to get the data you need. We conduct both primary and secondary research, including in-depth case studies and surveys at every scale.

Analysis and Synthesis – To underpin a compelling point of view, research data not only needs to be analysed, it has to be synthesized into a story that gives novel insights into a key issue for your target market. Bringing our deep understanding of how to engage executives with ideas, we work with your subject matter experts to craft the unique insights that will capture and retain their attention.

If you would like to talk with us about how we might help you develop compelling content, please get in touch.