Thought Leadership Marketing

Creating a well-developed point of view is the first step in positioning a company or an individual professional as an expert in a given field. The next is to create a marketing plan that determines how to take that point of view to market. We help our clients plan and execute effective campaigns that capture the attention of prospective customers using both online and “offline” components including:

  • Opinion articles and columns for leading business publications, such as these here.
  • Blogs on leading publications' websites, such as these here.
  • Articles for management journals such as Harvard Business Review—examples here.
  • White papers for publishing on your website or handing to prospects, such as these here.
  • A microsite or website such as this one here.

In addition, we can reach out to journalists, influential bloggers and others to generate “ink” and “clicks.” We have designed and helped execute many thought leadership marketing campaigns for our clients, including Unisys here, Kurt Salmon Associates here, and Quantum Performance here.

Our Approach:

If there is not one already in place, we create a marketing plan to take our client's point of view on an issue to market. This has always generally included self-published and third-party published articles, speaking engagements and events hosted by the company itself. Today, it alsoincludes online business journals, market influencers such as prominent bloggers, and social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. You can read more about the changing face of thought leadership marketing here.

One of the most important skills in marketing intellectual capital is communicating a complex business idea in a jargon-free, informative and interesting way. Once we have a plan in place, we ghostwrite the articles, blog posts, seminar and webinar presentations and other materials from the core point of view. Our professional writers have ghostwritten and edited hundreds of business articles, white papers, industry research reports and books for some of the world's largest professional services firms and best-known authors. Unlike many freelance writers, we make sure the core ideas and supporting evidence of a piece are in place before we write copy. This makes for far less iteration of the draft and a far better product. You can read about why great writing matters for professional services firms here and what it takes to produce a business book here.

In developing a website or microsite on a topic we start out by creating an information architecture which is organized from the “client in” rather than from the “firm out.” That is, we help website visitors rapidly understand whether the firm possesses the expertise they are looking for. Then we add content to show them that its expertise is superior.