Thoughts On Thought Leadership

Professional services marketing has long revolved around ‘thought leadership’, that is publishing excerpts of a firms' expertise. In the 1990's, the practice spread to the IT sector, and since then has increasingly been adopted in other B2B sectors. This short video explains why. 

Content Matters! from Tim Parker on Vimeo.

Perhaps the first commercial thought leadership publication was McKinsey Quarterly, founded in 1964. Today, it has 10,500 pages online, plus email, Facebook and print editions.

Most professional services marketing has since embraced thought leadership as a strategy. The average number of articles, insights and research papers on the websites of the top 20 consulting firms is nearly 600. Most IT firms broadcast their expertise through white papers and other channels, and an increasing number of companies in sectors as diverse as financial services and logistics have taken up the habit. 

But to be effective, this material has to be good. To get clients to respond to their marketing campaigns, professional services firms must demonstrate deep and novel insights on business issues. These insights capture client attention by making high-stakes, confusing issues coherent. And they lower the risk of choosing the wrong advisor.

We periodically publish our own white papers and articles, designed to give executives concerned with B2B Marketing ideas on how they can substantially improve the effectiveness of their efforts.

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