Recent client and publishing successes

December 18th 2013

Banks Vs. the Bad Guys:

Governments increasingly are casting banks in the role of the global economy's first line of defense against money laundering and other financial activities that support criminals, terorrists and rogue nations. And regulators are enforcing that view by levying increasingly high fines against banks that have been used by criminals and terrorists (or the nations that support them). Financial institutions have no choice but to comply, and so they need to build functions and risk-based processes that will reduce their risk of being used by the bad guys.

Peter Brooke and Christine Moran, managing directors  in the governance, risk and regulation team at FTI Consulting, have proposed several ways that financial institutions can do well by doing good: implementing policies that will reduce their risk of running afoul of the regulators and help de-fund criminals and terrorists. We worked with them to help publish this article on

November 14th 2013

Data Visualization:

There's been a lot of hype about data visualization — 

i.e., the interactive graphics that increasingly can be found on the websites of publishers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as those of professional services firms such as Booz & Company and PwC. Bill Shander is an expert on the topic and CEO of data visualization pioneer Beehive Media. We helped Bill publish his views on data visualization in an article on Harvard Business Review's online edition that was posted in November 2013. The article is titled "Does Your Company Actually Need Data Visualization?" and can be found here.

November 12th 2013

Rx for Transformation: Becker's Hospital Review

Phillip Polakoff, M.D, is a Senior Managing Director and Chief Medical Executive in the Health Solutions practice of FTI Consulting. Dr. Polakoff’s healthcare career spans thirty-five years and he currently helps clients (both providers and payers) design and implement value-based reimbursement initiatives, construct clinical integration organizations, facilitate physician-hospital alignment and structure population health management programs. Earlier this year we worked with Dr. Polakoff to write an article on the ongoing and substantial transformation in U.S. healthcare for FTI’s management journal here. The article lays out not only what is happening, but also articulates strategies for every healthcare player to follow.

In November we helped Dr. Polakoff produce a shorter version which was published by Becker’s Hospital Review here

November 11th 2013

Social media: Firms warm to LinkedIn

This article by Financial Times Social Media journalist Maija Palmer was published in the FT on November 11 (requires free registration with the FT). In it Ms. Palmer writes about how consultants are increasingly using social media to get their messages to market. To support her story she cites research that the Bloom Group has done this year with the Association of Management Consulting Firms, and she quotes Bloom Group partners Bob Buday and Tim Parker. You can read the article here

November 4th 2013

Investment Relations Officers:

When Carl Icahn goes to Twitter to prevent Mike Dell from taking his company private, we know the world has changed. No one knows this better than the Investor Relations Officer, whose job is to know who’s talking to whom about what and how that can affect your company’s present and future. Unfortunately, at too many companies IROs are seen as gatekeepers, and are left out of decision-making. FTI Consulting Senior Managing Director Elizabeth Saunders spoke to several big company IROs to get the skinny on what IROs can do to change that dangerous situation. We worked with her and her colleagues to publish this article on

August 5th 2013

Regulatory Hurdles:

Smithfield Foods is currently seeking regulatory approval for a sale of the business to Shuanghui of China. The challenges it faces will likely have to be navigated by more companies seeking to sell to or merge with foreign companies in the future. In July 2013 we helped three consultants at FTI Consulting publish an article here about how companies use corporate communications to minimize the objections of regulators. And in August we helped one of them, David Roady, develop a shorter version that was published by Forbes, here.

July 23rd 2013

Against Obesity:

In June 2013, Hank Cardello took on the American Medical Association and its decision to call obesity a disease. In an article we helped Hank, a senior fellow at Washington, DC’s Hudson Institute, place in the Leadership section of, he predicts that the AMA’s prescription will hurt more than help as it will back the food industry into a corner. Hank’s take on the issue, and the article, attracted the attention of a radio station which staged a debate between Hank and Michael Moss, author of “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Industry Hooked Us.” You can read Hank’s story here

Since October 2012, we have helped Hank publish many articles in’s Leadership section, including: “How Everybody Can Win the War Against Big Food”“Mediation Could Never Have Saved Hostess: Its Problems Ran Much Deeper”; and “How the Milk Industry Went Sour, and What Every Business Can Learn from It.” The most recent is October's “Why Healthier Fries Won't Help Burger King Reclaim its Throne.

July 14th 2013

Academic Tenure: FT

The tenure system at our universities has long been a hot topic for debate, but we helped Texas Tech business professor Jim Wetherbe publish a new slant  – that tenure layers in restrictive costs – and offer prescriptions (including multiyear rolling contracts) for fixing the system and freeing our schools to become more competitive. Jim’s article attracted wide attention in July 2013, and we helped him place it broadly. You can read the story in the Financial Times here.


July 9th 2013

Big Data: InfoWeek

In July 2013, we helped CapTech Consulting write and place an article about Big Data and Analytics in InformationWeek. 


CapTech consultants Todd Homa and Harlan Bennett help clients design and implement Big Data solutions. From their client work they have developed approaches and a point of view about how clients can quickly and effectively get value from Big Data, without necessarily spending huge amounts on technology -- often, in fact, using largely the technology they already have. We helped them capture that expertise in a whitepaper, and then derived an article for InformationWeek, which you can read here.


June 25th 2013

Big Data: HBR

When it comes to capitalizing on "big data," companies such as Amazon and Netflix, which were raised as digital enterprises, have a big advantage over competitors that emerged before the Web. So believes Satya Ramaswamy of Tata Consultancy Services, and the Harvard Business Review agreed. In June 2013, we helped Satya, head of TCS' Digital Enterprise Group, publish TCS's first article in HBR's online edition. The article was based on extensive research that TCS conducted on big data.  You can read the HBR article here

May 28th 2013

Counterfeit Goods: WSJ Blog

The sale of counterfeit goods is not a big business; it is an enormous, global business, projected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2015. In May 2013, we helped FTI Consulting write the story (here) of how it helped a global manufacturer of personal health care products, and a Japanese auto parts manufacturer, fight back. Instead of making hit-and-run busts of street-level dealers, FTI used forensic analysis of the counterfeiters’ packaging to disrupt their supply chain and shut them down. The story was featured in the Wall Street Journal Risk and Compliance Blog a week or so later, here.

March 13th 2013

Down With Tenure: HBR blog

Jim Wetherbe is a Texas Tech business professor who in March 2013 published an article on that has stirred lots of debate: why U.S. colleges and universities need to abolish tenure. 

We helped Jim with the proposal, focus his message, and determine the best outlet. In response to HBR feedback, we helped him find and refine additional data beyond the substantial evidence that he brought to us to support his argument.

The result is a guest blog that HBR published on March 13, “It’s Time for Tenure to Lose Tenure.” You can read it here.

February 8th 2013

Rob Sher: Columnist at and

We helped Robert Sher, a consultant to CEOs and their executive teams at midsized companies, become a columnist for two prestigious publications: and

Rob Sher is a highly sought-after coach to CEOs of midsized companies. He and his company, CEO to CEO, came to us in late 2011 to sharpen the positioning of the firm, redo the content and structure of his website, and improve the firm's market presence.

We researched the landscape of business publications and determined that (30 million monthly viewers) would be the best one to target his writings. Although it has opened up its commentary pages to outsiders, remains highly selective in publishing outside contributions. It rejects far many more submissions than it publishes. We guided Rob in his first five submissions, four of which were published in 2012. He was then asked to write a regular column, which you can find here.

In 2013, we helped Rob secure a regular column at CFO magazine's online edition (325,000 monthly visitors). You can read that column here.

You can see a video of Rob discussing the impact of all this on his firm on the right.

January 10th 2013

The Digital Mobile Consumer

In September 2012, Tata Consultancy Services published the results of a major study into how companies are accommodating consumers who use mobile devices to do business with them (the so-called "Digital Mobile Consumer"). The report and its key findings were quickly picked up by the press across the globe. 

The study addressed what companies in 17 sectors are doing. We gathered data from a survey of more than 600 companies across the globe; and from in-depth interviews with executives at major corporations. We then helped TCS's experts analyze the data and captured their thinking in the research report, "The New Digital Mobile Consumer." The world’s press picked up on many of the key findings e.g.:


Average firm to spend $13-22 million on mobile marketing this year The Financial Express Asia-Pacific increases spend on digital mobile consumers MIS Asia Consumer sales transactions on mobile devices to grow 20% by 2015 TelecomTiger Asia-Pacific leads race to engage digital mobile consumers in 2012 InformationWeek Proportion of Sales Transactions Completed on Mobile Devices to grow 58% Morningstar Strategy, not Spending, Key to Mobile App Success Global Delivery Report
January 4th 2013

Got Milk?

In January 2013, Hank Cardello of the Hudson Institute published an article in on the state of the U.S. Dairy Industry. The article was posted as the lead article in's Leadership section and had 15,000 reads within a week. You can read it here