Against Obesity:

Posted: 07/23/13

In June 2013, Hank Cardello took on the American Medical Association and its decision to call obesity a disease. In an article we helped Hank, a senior fellow at Washington, DC’s Hudson Institute, place in the Leadership section of, he predicts that the AMA’s prescription will hurt more than help as it will back the food industry into a corner. Hank’s take on the issue, and the article, attracted the attention of a radio station which staged a debate between Hank and Michael Moss, author of “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Industry Hooked Us.” You can read Hank’s story here

Since October 2012, we have helped Hank publish many articles in’s Leadership section, including: “How Everybody Can Win the War Against Big Food”“Mediation Could Never Have Saved Hostess: Its Problems Ran Much Deeper”; and “How the Milk Industry Went Sour, and What Every Business Can Learn from It.” The most recent is October's “Why Healthier Fries Won't Help Burger King Reclaim its Throne.