Client Success Stories

October 2016
FMG Leading, a human capital strategy consulting firm, has a unique area of expertise: assessing the leadership qualities of company executives that private equity firms acquire. That's a critical job for every PE firm, but FMG Leading’s self-published blogs weren’t capturing as many inquiries and leads as the firm sought. Nor the right kind. Bloom Group helped FMG Leading develop a new go-to-market strategy, a white paper focused on CEOs, and helped it publish an article in
May 2016
Simon-Kucher & Partners, the world's largest pricing consultancy, had unique insights into how pricing affects the success or failure of innovative products and services. Indeed, it had enough insights to fill a book. And it had two experts eager to share their wisdom. But what the two experts -- a managing partner and the co-CEO -- didn’t have was time to write it. After all, they had a business to run.So,in 2015, SKP reached out to Bloom Group to help get the book written, and bring it to market. We did.
September 2015
FTI Consulting, a $2 billion-dollar global business advisory, provides services ranging from corporate finance to geopolitical intelligence, economic consulting, investigations, strategic communications, and more. But its leaders felt potential clients were insufficiently aware of the scope and variety of its offerings. To remedy that, and attract more clients, FTI Consulting worked with Bloom Group to develop, write, and help publish original research on a subject -- risk in emerging markets -- that would highlight the breadth of its experience, the depth of its expertise, and attract media attention.
January 2015
Robert Sher, founder and president of CEO to CEO, had valuable expertise and devoted clients in the midsize business space. He helped mid-market company leaders grow their businesses. But in 2012, Sher wasn't getting the volume and type of leads (CEOs) he thought he should. To grow his own business, Sher reached out to Bloom Group to help him develop a more compelling presence as a thought leader on mid-sized company leadership and growth strategy issues.The products of his collaboration with Bloom Group turned out to be varied and valuable.