David Rosenbaum


Dave Rosenbaum

David Rosenbaum helps clients develop and write blogs, articles, white papers, and books that highlight their expertise. He works with clients to focus their ideas, and then present them in ways that will encourage editors of respected management and trade journals (such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Life Science Leader, and others) to publish them, and prospective clients to call. David also manages contractors, and presents at conferences, speaking about writing, editing, and thought leadership.

David’s expertise includes information technology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, management, leadership, and finance. He has helped clients develop content on a broad range of topics, including international corporate tax strategies, investor relations, crisis communications, drug development and manufacturing, risk management, and consumer relations.

David worked at a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly publications as a reporter, reviewer, and editor. He was editor-in-chief of Boston Magazine, a monthly journal covering the city’s politics, arts, and business. He was also editor-in-chief of CIO Magazine, the leading publication for chief information officers, a senior editor at CFO Magazine, and an assistant managing editor at the Boston Herald. David joined Bloom Group as its editor-in-chief in 2014.

David has an MA in English literature from Boston University and a BA in theater from the City College of New York. He has written two novels published by Warner Books: Zaddik, and Sasha’s Trick.