Midsize Company Advice: Prioritize Ruthlessly

The leaders of midsized businesses often come up dry when they search for advice on how to accelerate growth, improve processes, or deal with the challenges that impair or threaten performance. Most of the literature on these topics is focused on big Fortune 500 businesses because they can afford the big fees big consultancies charge. But the problems of midsized companies are very different than those of large companies (or small ones) as are their respective resources.

That’s where Robert Sher comes in.

Sher, founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of CEOs with a mission to improve the performance and leadership infrastructure of midsized companies, in September will publish Mighty Midsized Companies, a book on the unique challenges that midsized businesses confront, and how they can meet and overcome them. And Sher’s first HBR.org column, here, on one of those challenges – the need for midsize businesses to develop an acute sensitivity to timelines and project deadlines – appeared recently. Testifying to the hunger for midsized businesses advice, Sher’s column collected 176 comments in less than a week.

In March, we worked with Sher to help him publish his first column on HBR.org. Six more are coming.