Why Soda Taxes Won't Solve Obesity

Posted: 05/30/17

In May 2017, Forbes.com's Leadership section published an article by our client Hank Cardello of the Hudson Institute. It was Cardello's 21st Forbes.com article since 2012 (all of which the Bloom Group helped to secure). 

In his latest Forbes article, "How A Billion Dollars Is Being Wasted In The War On Sugar", Cardello, a senior fellow at Hudson who's in charge of its Obesity Solutions initiative, argued that government efforts in and outside the United States to tax sugar-sweetened sodas aren't effective in reducing obesity rates. 

Instead, he believes the soda industry and its attackers should spend the money they're devoting to attacking one another to educate consumers on the dangers of excessive sugar intake and (for the beverage industry) to come up with acceptable lower-calorie alternatives.